Friday, April 11, 2008

Mp3nity 2.0 is now available

Some of the new or improved features in version 2.0:
  • Brand new File Type Converter/Encoder that encodes Mp3 (vbr, abr, cbr), Wma, and Wav. More Formats are coming soon.
  • Mass Tag editing and support for many media file types including mp3 (entire id3v2, id3v1) , WM (wma, wmv, asf), ogg, flac, mpc, ape, aac, mp4, m4a, m4v, m4b, etc...
  • Mass Lyrics and Picture online search: The ability to find and attach each file's own lyrics and picture with a single click on a big selection of files and improved result accuracy.
  • Improved Tag From Web and support for the new Amazon and FreeDb databases.
  • Automatic updates for all web services to ensure valid results all the time.
  • Playlists: Mass auto-generate, save, load, edit, bookmark, etc...
  • Macros & Presets: Easily create macros, save/load presets on most if the tools, or use presets in macros...
  • Dynamic Expressions: Mp3nity's new way to Renaming and Parsing.
  • Expression Editor: To make editing Dynamic Expressions a breeze.
  • Support for all attributes that are used in media including ones in ID3 and WM.
  • Enhanced Find and Replace with the ability to replace an entire table of texts at once in one or many attributes and filenames.
  • Improved CD Ripper, and the ability to encode to Mp3 (vbr, abr, cbr), Wma, and Wav.
  • Smart Auto-Update: It is smart and fast, and doesn't excessively write to disk after every minor edit, however, it never leaves any files unsaved.
  • Markers: Let you mark files for easier management when editing loads at a time.
  • New interface look and feel, with the ability to customize the view, run the player as stand-alone, or hide unwanted windows.
  • Improved performance in general, and maximized speed specially on multi-core processors.
  • Many new or enhanced editing tools.
  • Full compatibility with Windows Vista / 7
  • And More...

Mp3nity's simple yet efficient main window Integrated web browser to easily discover cool information about files Batch file converter / encoder / compressor Export html tables and lists containing info about your files Find and replace in files multiple entries at the same time Quickly view, edit, or mass-download lyrics for your songs right in the main window The abilty to store and quickly access presets to any tool, or use them in Macros can be a real time saver Integrated Player can also be detached as small window that can be placed anywhere on the screen Easily mass generate playlists for your files Mass rename files using tag attributes and expressions. Complete any album's information from online databases with Tag From Web

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