Thursday, October 14, 2010

Free Mp3nity and version 2.2

Mp3nity 2.2 has been released today. It contains countless major and minor improvements, and introduces a bunch of new features.
Here are some of them:
·         Improved Tag From Web, including:
·         More online databases
·         Ability to retrieve Composers, Contributing Artists and more, whenever they're available.
·         More Macro functionalities including:
·         Ability to log messages in an Output mode
·         Forms and ability to prompt for user input
·         Ability to enable/disable certain tasks
·         Ability to perform additional tasks if a certain action fails
·         Ability to abort a Macro at any time
·         More default presets
·         Syntax Highlighting for Expression Editor to make the more complicated expressions easier to read and understand
·          And many more noticeable and unnoticeable improvements in the interface and the core of the program.
Also, due to enormous demand, Mp3nity is finally available for FREE. Version 2.2 is actually available in two modes: Free and Premium. Premium is a special mode, provided in the same installer as a Thank You to all users who have supported Mp3nity by purchasing a license.  The FREE mode is a fully functional mode, it doesn't expire, it doesn't contain adware or nagging dialogs, and it still has all the tools that make Mp3nity awesome.
However, some of the main advantages of being a Premium user include:
·         Optimized performance.
·         CD ripper
·         File converter
·         Mass Picture and Lyrics search
·         Macros
·         More online databases
Finally, we'd like to thank all of our users for their continuous feedback and support; we hope that we keep hearing from you so that we can always make this program better and better.